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What is white tea?

I think it was around 10 years ago when I got to know the taste of white tea. To be precise, it was a white iced tea, bought from a random supermarket. This was the time I fell in love with it. Before that I most likely didn’t know that this type of tea even exists. As I wrote in my first blog post, tea in general was not my cup of tea and I did not know much about it. Well.. actually I didn’t know anything :) So what does white tea taste like?I actually remember this first white tea experience as it was yesterday, it had its own really specific taste. Sweet but fresh at the same time. I...

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How to make iced tea?

When life gives you tea... you will consume it in every possible way and be happy about it :) Summer is here and what could be a better way to cool yourself down than a proper self brewed iced tea!  So let's get our Renegade iced tea masterclass started! Firstly about some different brewing methods. There are plenty of ways how to brew a great iced tea and luckily it is a fairly simple procedure that does not require much of effort… in some cases only a bit more time. 1. COLD BREW ICED TEA – Our favourite for sure! Use a sealable container. Pour cold water over loose leaf tea and place it in the fridge. The ratio of leaves...

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Moved my family to Georgia... Wait, what?

I am writing this blog post while sitting on the balcony of our home here in Georgia. It is about 30 degrees Celsius outside, the sun is out and I can feel a nice warm breeze on my face. There’s a view both to the Kutaisi city and to the snowy hilltops and I find myself thinking “WHAT? Is this for real?” It is even more surreal when I am standing in the middle of the tea fields, mountains in the background.

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