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Moved my family to Georgia... Wait, what?

I am writing this blog post while sitting on the balcony of our home here in Georgia. It is about 30 degrees Celsius outside, the sun is out and I can feel a nice warm breeze on my face. There’s a view both to the Kutaisi city and to the snowy hilltops and I find myself thinking “WHAT? Is this for real?” It is even more surreal when I am standing in the middle of the tea fields, mountains in the background.

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Season two as tea farmers in Georgia- let's go!

Team Renegade is back in Georgia and ready for action! Being away from the tea fields and endless surprises that life in Georgia has to offer, and spending time with our close ones more was really something to be enjoyed, but now we are all more motivated than ever to face season nr two for Renegade Tea Estate! Seems like a perfect time to put down some goals for this season.

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