• How green tea is made

    How green tea is made

    How to produce tea from a fresh tea leaf so that it ends up as a cup of steaming hot green tea? And why should you even care how your tea is made? Although processing tea is a bit like making apple pie- every chef has their recipe and all the variations can be amazing, depending on the mood, season and sort of apples,...
  • Differences between Orthodox and CTC teas

    Differences between Orthodox and CTC teas

    If you are not deep in the world of tea you may have never heard that there are such ways of tea production as CTC and Orthodox. But what we definitely have heard from many of Renegade tea drinkers, who were not that much into tea previously, is that the teas they received from Georgia, have a much sweeter and fresher taste than any...
  • How to find the best organic green tea in the world?

    How to find the best organic green tea in the world?

    The world of tea makes your head spin with their flashy promises that they have the best organic green tea, the best rare artisan oolong, the best black tea which makes you healthier and happier. So, how is one suppose to know what is the best tea out there? We believe that there is no one best tea. It doesn’t really matter what someone...
  • Best teas for beginners

    Best teas for beginners

    When you are just at the beginning of your tea-journey and don’t really fall into the category of great tea experts who can evaluate tea by the looks of it, it can be quite difficult to choose the right tea from the seemingly never-ending selection… To make the choice a bit easier for you, we chose one tea from each of the categories from...
  • How to make tea from Camellia Sinensis at home?

    How to make tea from Camellia Sinensis at home?

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    Some of you have asked, and we would have loved to read this kind of article a year ago when we started with our first tea making tests in our home kitchen. So here it is- how to turn your tea bush, Camellia Sinensis, into a cup of delicious tea in your home kitchen.  Before we start, keep in mind, that these are very...
  • 3 easy ways to brew loose leaf tea

    3 easy ways to brew loose leaf tea

    Drinking high-quality loose leaf tea is great in theory - better for the environment, no additional chemicals in your tea from the packaging and so on... That’s why many of us buy loose leaf tea, but in reality, tea bags seem to be a whole lot more comfortable if you stare at your tea-shelf after waking up in the morning or coming home after...
  • What is white tea?

    What is white tea?

    I think it was around 10 years ago when I got to know the taste of white tea. To be precise, it was a white iced tea, bought from a random supermarket. This was the time I fell in love with it. Before that I most likely didn’t know that this type of tea even exists. As I wrote in my first blog post, tea...
  • How to make iced tea?

    How to make iced tea?

    When life gives you tea... you will consume it in every possible way and be happy about it :) Summer is here and what could be a better way to cool yourself down than a proper self brewed iced tea!  So let's get our Renegade iced tea masterclass started! Firstly about some different brewing methods. There are plenty of ways how to brew a great...
  • Tea dictionary

    Tea dictionary

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    What means what? Since usually no one really talks about how tea is processed, it can get a bit overwhelming for a tea novice to understand what is what and why is it there anyway. This small and very simplified tea dictionary can hopefully shed some light to the matter. I'm not a fan of complicated explanations, you should expect this from here either....
  • Tea myths - what's true and what's not

    Tea myths - what's true and what's not

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    As we are rookies in the tea field ourselves, we have come across many myths regarding tea and we know it can get a little difficult understanding what is true or not, so we put together some points to help you on this journey when you are just getting started - green and black tea come from different plants, green tea is bitter, black...
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