• Season four!

    Season four!

    2021 started with some changes for us and we’d like to share them with you as well. Once we finished with production last year, we took several weeks to reflect and analyze where we are and to update our plans for the coming years. 2020 was challenging in many ways, but there is also much to be satisfied about and we believe that in...
  • How green tea is made

    How green tea is made

    How to produce tea from a fresh tea leaf so that it ends up as a cup of steaming hot green tea? And why should you even care how your tea is made? Although processing tea is a bit like making apple pie- every chef has their recipe and all the variations can be amazing, depending on the mood, season and sort of apples,...
  • Throwback to our first season as Renegades

    Throwback to our first season as Renegades

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    We have been home (in Estonia) for almost three months now. The end of the season got a bit of an unexpected ending for me and Kendrick. After a short visit to Estonia we were supposed to fly back to Georgia at the beginning of October, but the climate change and Estonian usual "pleasant" autumn weather cut both off our feet.
  • Two and a half years in Georgia

    Two and a half years in Georgia

    Season two at the Renegade Tea Estate has officially concluded as the last batch of our teas from Georgia has finally arrived in Tallinn. So, it is a proper time to make a small summary of the year we had at our Estate. To be honest, it was a tough one. Maybe not as nerve-wracking as the first season, but close enough. It's not...
  • Best teas for beginners

    Best teas for beginners

    When you are just at the beginning of your tea journey and don’t really fall into the category of great tea experts who can evaluate tea by the looks of it, it can be quite difficult to choose the right tea from the seemingly never-ending selection… To make the choice a bit easier for you, we chose one tea from each of the categories from...
  • What is white tea?

    What is white tea?

    I think it was around 10 years ago when I got to know the taste of white tea. To be precise, it was a white iced tea, bought from a random supermarket. This was the time I fell in love with it. Before that I most likely didn’t know that this type of tea even exists. As I wrote in my first blog post, tea...
  • Moved my family to Georgia... Wait, what?

    Moved my family to Georgia... Wait, what?

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    I am writing this blog post while sitting on the balcony of our home here in Georgia. It is about 30 degrees Celsius outside, the sun is out and I can feel a nice warm breeze on my face. There’s a view both to the Kutaisi city and to the snowy hilltops and I find myself thinking “WHAT? Is this for real?” It is...
  • Back to the future

    Back to the future

    About 10 months ago I was invited to take the role of interim CEO in Nordica (the national aviation company of Estonia) and steer it through the reorganization process. I was initially not very keen to leave our freshly established Tea Estate and objectively I knew that stabilizing a distressed company would not be a smooth ride, but in the end, I found enough...
  • Tea dictionary

    Tea dictionary

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    What means what? Since usually no one really talks about how tea is processed, it can get a bit overwhelming for a tea novice to understand what is what and why is it there anyway. This small and very simplified tea dictionary can hopefully shed some light to the matter. I'm not a fan of complicated explanations, you should expect this from here either....
  • Season two as tea farmers in Georgia- let's go!

    Season two as tea farmers in Georgia- let's go!

    Team Renegade is back in Georgia and ready for action! Being away from the tea fields and endless surprises that life in Georgia has to offer, and spending time with our close ones more was really something to be enjoyed, but now we are all more motivated than ever to face season nr two for Renegade Tea Estate! Seems like a perfect time to...
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