• Tea myths - what's true and what's not

    Tea myths - what's true and what's not

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    As we are rookies in the tea field ourselves, we have come across many myths regarding tea and we know it can get a little difficult understanding what is true or not, so we put together some points to help you on this journey when you are just getting started - green and black tea come from different plants, green tea is bitter, black...
  • Tea and Georgia - what have you taught me?

    Tea and Georgia - what have you taught me?

    So, at the beginning of 2018, I had just left my job in Estonia, preparing to become a tea farmer in Georgia. Even now it sounds a bit crazy when writing it down :) Did the year go as I visioned? Of course not! But it didn’t also go worse or better, it just went differently. Because, if you have never lived in that specific country and you...
  • Lessons of Shifu

    Lessons of Shifu

    I guess it’s clear that being newbies in the tea field, we need some help from experts. We were in contact with a few and we researched and read a lot ourselves as well, but already at the beginning of the season, we felt that we need someone with a wide experience to come and see our plants, the soil and the climate to give us...
  • Back to the corporate world?

    Back to the corporate world?

    The last 4 months have been everything I expected it to be. Those months have challenged me mentally and physically and for sure pushed my borders. It has been at times exhausting, but I have never had any regrets, not once. So, when I decided to accept a position as a temporary CEO of Nordica (Estonian national aviation group) two weeks ago, it was...
  • How we ran a 40-day marathon of crowdfunding

    How we ran a 40-day marathon of crowdfunding

    Selling a product that you actually do not even have yet, and doing it intensively for 40 days in a row is definitely not an easy task, and even though we did not reach our full goal in Indiegogo I am brave enough to say that actually we did quite well with our crowdfunding campaign- 221 people who chose to trust and believe in...
  • The price of tea. Do you know, for what you are paying?

    The price of tea. Do you know, for what you are paying?

    There is no lack of choices when it comes to teas. We can drink some of the most exclusive teas in the world and pay 1 EUR for our cup and we can also enjoy very high-quality organic tea for 25-30 cents per cup. Those sums are not huge, yet most people still decide to pay 5-6 cents for the lower quality mass production...
  • გამარჯობა- learning Georgian!

    გამარჯობა- learning Georgian!

    Georgian is amongst the 10 oldest languages in the world and apparently, Georgians decided somewhere in the very early stages of history that they want their very own everything. Therefore they came up with the Georgian language- Kartuli ena and alphabet- Georgian script. It had three different versions but the one that is used now mostly consists of letters that for me look like the Latin...
  • Why did the Georgian tea industry collapse?

    Why did the Georgian tea industry collapse?

    With its subtropical climate, western Georgia is an ideal place to grow tea. Chilly nights and cold winter months prevent disease and therefore there is no need to use pesticides which makes the conditions great to produce organic tea. The cool climate together with acidic soil gives also a special taste and aroma to the tea – the leaves mature more slowly and result...
  • One month as a real farmer

    One month as a real farmer

    I am old enough to know, that usually things do not go as planned and I was mentally prepared, that the beginning will not be easy. I also knew that I was largely on my own until our other team members arrive in mid-April. So, all in all, I can happily conclude, that everything has gone more or less as expected. Probably the most...
  • Tea- what it is and and how it's made?

    Tea- what it is and and how it's made?

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    I have to admit that my knowledge about tea before Renegade-time mostly consisted of the fact that there is hot water involved and something soaked in it. Now that I have made some research I must admit that the tea world is much more exciting (and a lot more complicated) than it seems.
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