• Moving permanently to Georgia

    Moving permanently to Georgia

    We have been in Georgia for 2 months now. It feels actually more like 2 years and I don’t mean it in a negative way. We are quite used to living here already, even though the life that we have here is a lot different from what we had in Estonia. I need to admit that I like this change, even though I sometimes...
  • Trapped in Georgia - how 10 days turned into 5 months.

    Trapped in Georgia - how 10 days turned into 5 months.

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    I know we are all sick and tired of Covid, but I thought it's still worth to put down my thoughts of those 5 months when we were unintentionally stuck in Georgia. If not anything else, then it is at least interesting for myself to read it after a year or two :D It all started when we flew to Kutaisi at the beginning...
  • Throwback to our first season as Renegades

    Throwback to our first season as Renegades

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    We have been home (in Estonia) for almost three months now. The end of the season got a bit of an unexpected ending for me and Kendrick. After a short visit to Estonia we were supposed to fly back to Georgia at the beginning of October, but the climate change and Estonian usual "pleasant" autumn weather cut both off our feet.
  • Daytrips from Kutaisi

    Daytrips from Kutaisi

    Kutaisi is a perfect base to explore the Imereti region and actually the whole of Western Georgia. Everything from Batumi to the remote villages in the Caucasus is actually within a day-trip radius. Some of the places we have enjoyed the most ourselves: 1. Renegade Tea Estate - of course, firstly we invite you to visit our tea plantations! It's less than 15km from...
  • What to do in Kutaisi

    What to do in Kutaisi

    More often than not, I see people leaving Kutaisi out of their travel plans when coming to Georgia. Maybe half a day after the arrival or half a day before the departure, because people don't know what to do in Kutaisi.  It is true that Kutaisi is not a typical tourist hotspot and it's challenging to stay in competition with Tbilisi, seaside, wine regions,...
  • 2 summers in Kutaisi as an expat

    2 summers in Kutaisi as an expat

    Kutaisi - one of the oldest cities in Europe, nowadays the second biggest city in Georgia, also the capital of the Imereti region and the de facto capital of the whole Western Georgia!  As impressive as all this sounds, Kutaisi is not really a big city. And it is definitely not one of those places that hit you with beauty and charm the moment...
  • How is it to live in Georgia?

    How is it to live in Georgia?

    Where did you get the courage to move to Georgia? How much does it cost to live in Georgia? What do you eat in Georgia? We have heard all those questions after packing our things up in Estonia and Lithuania and moving to Georgia for the main part of the year. Let’s try to answer those questions and who knows, maybe we’ll see you...
  • Moved my family to Georgia... Wait, what?

    Moved my family to Georgia... Wait, what?

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    I am writing this blog post while sitting on the balcony of our home here in Georgia. It is about 30 degrees Celsius outside, the sun is out and I can feel a nice warm breeze on my face. There’s a view both to the Kutaisi city and to the snowy hilltops and I find myself thinking “WHAT? Is this for real?” It is...
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