• Two and a half years in Georgia

    Two and a half years in Georgia

    Season two at the Renegade Tea Estate has officially concluded as the last batch of our teas from Georgia has finally arrived in Tallinn. So, it is a proper time to make a small summary of the year we had at our Estate. To be honest, it was a tough one. Maybe not as nerve-wracking as the first season, but close enough. It's not...
  • Daytrips from Kutaisi

    Daytrips from Kutaisi

    Kutaisi is a perfect base to explore the Imereti region and actually the whole of Western Georgia. Everything from Batumi to the remote villages in the Caucasus is actually within a day-trip radius. Some of the places we have enjoyed the most ourselves: 1. Renegade Tea Estate - of course, firstly we invite you to visit our tea plantations! It's less than 15km from...
  • What to do in Kutaisi

    What to do in Kutaisi

    More often than not, I see people leaving Kutaisi out of their travel plans when coming to Georgia. Maybe half a day after the arrival or half a day before the departure, because people don't know what to do in Kutaisi.  It is true that Kutaisi is not a typical tourist hotspot and it's challenging to stay in competition with Tbilisi, seaside, wine regions,...
  • 2 summers in Kutaisi as an expat

    2 summers in Kutaisi as an expat

    Kutaisi - one of the oldest cities in Europe, nowadays the second biggest city in Georgia, also the capital of the Imereti region and the de facto capital of the whole Western Georgia!  As impressive as all this sounds, Kutaisi is not really a big city. And it is definitely not one of those places that hit you with beauty and charm the moment...
  • Back to the future

    Back to the future

    About 10 months ago I was invited to take the role of interim CEO in Nordica (the national aviation company of Estonia) and steer it through the reorganization process. I was initially not very keen to leave our freshly established Tea Estate and objectively I knew that stabilizing a distressed company would not be a smooth ride, but in the end, I found enough...
  • Back to the corporate world?

    Back to the corporate world?

    The last 4 months have been everything I expected it to be. Those months have challenged me mentally and physically and for sure pushed my borders. It has been at times exhausting, but I have never had any regrets, not once. So, when I decided to accept a position as a temporary CEO of Nordica (Estonian national aviation group) two weeks ago, it was...
  • The price of tea. Do you know, for what you are paying?

    The price of tea. Do you know, for what you are paying?

    There is no lack of choices when it comes to teas. We can drink some of the most exclusive teas in the world and pay 1 EUR for our cup and we can also enjoy very high-quality organic tea for 25-30 cents per cup. Those sums are not huge, yet most people still decide to pay 5-6 cents for the lower quality mass production...
  • One month as a real farmer

    One month as a real farmer

    I am old enough to know, that usually things do not go as planned and I was mentally prepared, that the beginning will not be easy. I also knew that I was largely on my own until our other team members arrive in mid-April. So, all in all, I can happily conclude, that everything has gone more or less as expected. Probably the most...
  • My first visit to Georgian tea region (or instruction how to find abandoned tea plantations)

    My first visit to Georgian tea region (or instruction how to find abandoned tea plantations)

    It was at the end of April, 3 months after the idea of our Tea Estate had first surfaced. For the past month or so my communication with different Georgian agencies had been quite frequent. I had been making phone calls and sending emails. Everyone was positive and helpful, but overall, I felt that we were not taken very seriously, and could I really...
  • My Soviet childhood and Renegade Tea Estate

    My Soviet childhood and Renegade Tea Estate

    When I first read about what had happened to the Georgian tea industry during the last 30 years, it was difficult to comprehend or even believe. It's not unusual to find a story about a region, where a certain industry was once dominant, but then declined over the years until it died. However, what happened in Georgia is beyond that. In the year of 1990, the...
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