Renegade Life 30g
Renegade Life 30g
Renegade Life 30g

Renegade Life 30g

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This green tea is a true renegade. We took a bit different approach on this one by letting it wither overnight which resulted in quite an interesting green tea in our selection. It has a nutty, roasted aroma with hints of sweetness and umami in it. The taste is not vegetal as most of our green teas - instead, you can feel notes of chestnuts and peanuts accompanied by a roasted flavour.

Renegade Life - green tea

Type: Green tea
Plantation: Renegade Estate, Mandikori Estate, Rioni Estate
Harvest: Spring 2020
Package: 30 g

Price per cup: 0,37 EUR and that's with just one steep ;)

All Renegade Tea Estate teas are grown under the Georgian sun,
chemical-free and without any concentrated fertilizers. All of the harvests are done by hand- people from nearby villages plucking only the finest leaves. All of the teas we sell are produced in our own small factory by either Tomas or Hannes, experimenting with different recipes, trying our best to bring out the greatest tastes of Georgian tea. 

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