Are you planning your trip to Georgia? 

We are Renegade tea farmers and we have now lived in Kutaisi for 3 years, while building up our small tea Estate. We can happily confirm, that if you have made the decision to visit Georgia this year, then most likely you are not going to regret that. Georgia is known for its rich culture, beautiful landscapes, friendly people and tasty food - and all of it is true!

Plus, there are also new and interesting things to explore and discover. For example, most tourists have never heard about the history of Georgia as a huge tea region. You are probably surprised to learn, that just 30 years ago Georgia was among the 5 biggest tea-growing countries in the world and almost 10% of the world tea production originated from Georgia.

We would love to share the story of Georgian tea, while doing the small tour around our tea farm. What we can say for sure, is that despite the recent hardships, we believe that tea in Georgia is not just the thing of the past, but also part of its future, as the climatic conditions make Georgia the perfect place to produce high quality, delicate organic teas.

Our Renegade Tea Estate is one of the new-wave Georgian tea farms. We started our activities in 2017 and as of now, we are working hard to rehabilitate and give a new life to 3 old tea plantations (Renegade, Rioni and Mandikori), that were abandoned for almost 30 years.
Our farm and tea factory are located conveniently just outside of Kutaisi and we provide guided tours to our plantations and tea factory. You can see a real tea farm in action and also learn about the past and future of the tea in Georgia. Our regular visitor tours start from 15th of April, (this is when our production season usually starts) and you can find more details from here.

However, if you happen to visit Georgia before April, but would still like to visit us, let us know via or Facebook. During the winter months, we are preparing our plantations for the season and its likely, that one of us would still be able to meet you and do a small private tour around our premises 🙂

To see, if it fits your schedule, you should plan total 2-2,5 hours for the tour (including transport from Kutaisi, walk in the plantation and tasting tea in the factory).

Hope to meet you soon!
Tomas, Hannes, Miina, Hanna, Kristiina, Mario, Priit