Tea gardens are ready: 

Your very own tea estate!

 A personal tea garden in Georgia? Yes, you heard it right, we are doing it again. Two years ago, 68 other Renegades joined us on our journey. People from 12 countries, from Sweden to USA, each adopting a small tea garden at Rioni Estate. A plantation that had been abandoned for 30 years and which we wished to bring back from oblivion. A couple of months ago our fellow farmers received the first harvest from their very own rehabilitated tea gardens - pure, chemical-free Georgian tea! And now we are ready to welcome new people to the Renegade tea farmers community. 

Step by step we would like to increase the number of Renegades who would walk this road together with us. In 2020 we will allocate an additional 45 small tea gardens in the Renegade community garden next to the plots which found an owner already in 2018. Adopting a bed of tea bushes means that for the next 25 years you get to enjoy some good, chemical-free tea from your very own tea bushes. It also means that you will be a part of the story of Georgian tea, helping us to save the abandoned tea plantations from oblivion and giving them a new life. 

Why is it cool to have your own tea garden?

Do you like tea? If not, we have to be honest - it isn't probably cool at all! Having your own tea garden means that every autumn a big box of tea will arrive at your doorstep and it will be an endless pain to figure out what to do with it. Year after year after year. At one point even your friends and family (if they're not teaheads themselves) might get tired of getting tea from you for each Christmas...it's a damn good tea, but still…

However, if you like tea, then it's a whole different story. You will be waiting for those regular shipments with excitement each year. After all, it's not just tea that arrives. It's tea that is grown for you, without any concentrated fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides and produced by your personal tea masters, Hannes and Tomas, in our little tea factory. It's tea from an old, once forgotten plantation that would not exist anymore without the joint effort of you and us.  

Your own tea garden might be an endless headache or a highlight of your year - which is it for you?

"It's not our tea,
that we are selling to you, it's your tea,
that we are
growing for you"

What's in it for us?

There are mainly two reasons why we offer a part of our plantation to you.
Firstly, it is who we are as Renegade tea farmers. From day one, we didn't want to sell tea. There are already thousands of companies doing that. Instead, we wanted to be next-door tea farmers to our customers. We wanted you to be a part of our story. "It's not our tea, that we are selling to you, it's your tea, that we are growing for you" - this message on our boxes is the principle that guides us. So, we think it's pretty cool if more people join the Renegade tea farmers community.  People who can call Renegade Tea Estate their own tea farm.

"It's not our tea,
that we are selling to you,
it's your tea, that we are
growing for you"

Second reason is a bit more earthly. There are hundreds of abandoned tea plantations in Georgia that could be brought back to life, but it's costly. Renegade Tea Estate has just three, but it's still a challenge to survive the first 3-4 years, while fighting with the weeds and waiting for the bushes to grow. While our team is brave and hardworking, none of us have an endless stash of gold, and we have also tried to avoid selling our souls to the bank. By adopting a tea garden you help us share the initial investments during the start-up phase and in return you guarantee yourself organically grown, tasty tea from your own garden for the next 25 years.

68 Renegades joined us in 2018, now we are ready to let new people in.

How much tea will I get from my garden?

Depending on how much tea your family drinks, there are some smaller and few bigger gardens you can choose - from 60m2 to 430 m2.  The size and exact location of the area is up to you. The prices for the gardens start from 220 euros (240 USD).

Every year you will get half of the total produce from your plot. In 3-4 years, when the bushes have matured, then from a 100m2 plot you will get approximately 2 kg of tea per year. And the good news is that when the first tea garden owners had to wait almost two years before they got their first small harvest at the end of 2019, then as the tea bushes are growing rapidly, all the new garden owners will get the first teas already this autumn. In 2020 you will get ca 250 grams of tea of your choice - that's around 100 cups of tea.

You also get a lifetime pass to visit your garden and the rest of the Renegade Tea Estate for free!

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