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Oath of the Renegade Tea Farmers
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We are tea farmers, but it's not just about tea. We didn’t jump into the tea world to become another big corporation. We want to be in direct interaction with our customers, taking personal responsibility for our products, the good and the bad. We want to be your next-door tea farmers who you know and trust.


  • We are personal.
    We don't have a customer support division or a fulfillment centre. When you have a question or want to share your thoughts about the teas, you will talk directly to one of us in the team. When we send you the next shipment of tea, it is also done personally by one of us. 
  • We are chemical free.
    Our plantations have been standing idle for the last 30 years. There have been no fertilizers nor pesticides in use and no industries around. Just clean mountain air and cows roaming around. The Renegade Tea Estate plantations are some of the most natural and ecologically clean in the world. We use organic farming principles and all our teas are produced and packaged in our own small factory.
  • We are fully transparent and honest in everything we do.
    Every single bag of tea we make and send has a traceable history about when and where it was harvested and how it was processed. When you get the tea, you will also get the story behind it. 
  • We grow the tea for you.
    The way we see it, it's not our tea that we are selling to you, it's your tea that we are growing for you. We just take care of the fields and invest into our tea-making skills so that we can all enjoy high-quality organic teas year after year. Our dream is that everyone who joins the Renegade community views it as "my tea estate".

"The way we see it - it's not our tea, that we are selling to you, it's your tea, that we are growing for you." 

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