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Renegade Tea Estate farm

We're not a tea company. We are a tea farm. We have 50 hectares of tea fields - small tea bushes with 60-70-year-old roots, still gaining back their strength after being abandoned for the last 30 years. A lot of fern and other weeds and cows who like to eat tea, all fighting  for their place under the sun together with tea.

We are not tea sellers. We are tea producers. We have a small tea workshop where we are testing, failing, learning and testing how to bring out the best of Georgian tea. We are not trying to make "the best tea in the world", but we believe we have pretty good chances of making clean and good quality teas that you would enjoy. 

We are a group of friends with no agricultural or tea-related background, but with a lot of optimism and thirst to learn how to grow and make great tea. We believe that Georgia is the best place on earth to produce high-quality organic artisan tea. And we believe that tea shouldn't be a drink for only the chosen, but it should be easy to enjoy and accessible to all.

chasing cows at Renegade Estate


Have you ever thought of where your tea is coming from? If you have been trying to look into it, then you probably know that it is usually not so easy to find out where and how your tea was grown and who are the people behind it. The tea world is dominated by whole-sellers and middlemen who usually do not want to reveal the origins. The regular package from the supermarket can easily say that it was "Made in Germany"... We want to challenge the norm, leave out the middlemen and offer our teas straight from our farm to you.

Buying Renegade teas:

You know where and how your tea was grown. You can be sure that your tea is grown chemical-free in one of our plantations and processed by one of us. You can even come and see for yourself what and how we exactly do.

You get the full picture. Instead of hiding our recipes and branding it as the “holy grail of tea", you always get the full details of the specific tea  - where it was grown, when it was harvested and what was the exact processing method we used to make this specific tea.

You get it with an affordable price. Hand processed organic teas shouldn't be out of reach for a regular tea drinker. Leaving out the middlemen, we can offer our teas straight from a farm from 25 cents per cup. 

tea making at Renegade Estate