Renegade Tea Estate factory

We don’t want to just make some tea. We want to be "next-door tea farmers" for the everyday tea lovers who are looking for easy-to-drink, clean and healthy products from a trusted provider. 

We want to differ from the norm of the tea world where transparency and openness are often in short supply.  So, instead of hiding our recipes and branding it as the “best tea in the world”, you will get the full picture. When you get one of our packages of tea you will always find info about where it was grown, when it was harvested and what was the exact processing method we used to make this specific tea. 

fresh chemical-free leaves

We operate three tea plantations in Tskaltubo and Tkibuli municipalities in Western Georgia, altogether approximately 50 hectares. All of our plantations have been chemical free for close to 30 years already and we plan to keep it that way - no pesticides or concentrated fertilizers are used in our farming.

The fields are nested within the lower hills of the Caucasus mountains, some 75-100 kilometres inland from the Black Sea. This region is generally considered to be the best for growing tea in Georgia. All our plantations have slightly different climatic and soil conditions, so we are able to produce teas with different characteristics. 

Approximately 80% of the leaves we harvest from our own plantations, in addition we partner with a small number of private tea gardens in the nearby villages. Harvesting is done with the help of us, so we could ensure the quality of the leaf and to share the newest know-how also to local farmers.

no holy grail

making tea at Renegade Tea Estate

Our goal is to produce 15-20 different teas each season, a few variations of each sort – black, green, oolong and white. We are not aiming to find one holy grail and stick to it. Every season we hope to find out something new about our own Estates and about the Georgian tea in general. There might even come a day when we will mix our teas with other natural ingredients like herbs or berries to create different seasonal flavours.

We want to experiment and learn together with you. We truly hope that you want to be a part of our journey!  

"We are not aiming to find one holy grail and stick to it. We want to experiment and learn together with you"


All Renegade teas are produced in our own small factory, which is located within one of our plantations - Rioni Estate. It is located less than 5 kilometres from our biggest plantation, Renegade Estate, and approximately half an hour drive away from Mandikori Estate. The short distances from the fields to the factory ensure that the leaves are as fresh as possible when we start processing it.

When the tea is ready for brewing, it is packaged on site. We pack it as soon as possible after production to ensure maximum freshness when the tea reaches you. It is shipped to you from Estonia, where our distribution centre is located. We do it mainly for two reasons. Firstly because sending a package from another EU country eliminates a lot of hassle for most customers in Europe and secondly because it is the home country for most of our team and we spend majority of the winter months there. So, at least we have something to do there while we are waiting for the new season to start :)