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3 was initially something that we ourselves wanted to have on our shelf in the office. A collection that consists of samples of all the batches of teas that we are producing during season number three. So when we are older and wiser we could look back to see, taste and compare what we came up within 2020. 

As we got a bit too excited with the idea, we thought that hey maybe our Renegade community also wants a few of these? So, instead of making this cool set just for ourselves, 12 collections of season three will also go for sale. With this collection, you can walk through the whole Renegade season together with us :)

So why are those different batches special? Making tea is affected by many different factors - outside temperature, air humidity, pure luck sometimes. And as we do not blend our teas, it is almost impossible to achieve the exact same outcome with each tea making. Every batch is a little unique and has it’s own characteristics even when using the same recipes. During the season of 2020 we made 225 batches

The samples of each batch will come in 6g packages, which will mean:

  • 2-3 cups per sample
  • the total amount of tea more than 1,3 kg's
  • around 540 cups of tea

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