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Beehive Bull's Eye

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Each hive can have 2 sponsors

20 Renegade Beehives will be set up in 2022 and they will start to produce honey in 2023. Our small beehive garden will be located at Renegade Estate, in a remote and ecologically clean area.

By adopting one of the beehives your funds will be used for setting up the garden and preparing the licensing and certification that is needed to export honey from Georgia to the EU. 

As a sponsor of a beehive, you will receive each year 10% of the harvest, produced by your adopted bee family. This arrangement will be in place minimum until 2042 when our current lease for the land ends. Depending on the weather of a specific year, the quantity would be anywhere from 1,5 to 4 kg and there would be at least 2 different types of honey. 

The adoption fee includes shipping to your address during the first 3 years (2023-2025). Starting from 2026 you would need to cover the actual shipping costs every year in order to receive your honey. 

Initially, all beehives have the same size, it is possible, that in future years additional layer will be added to some families with stronger growth.  

Your name will also go on the hive together with your co-patron :)

Key things to keep in mind:
- You will receive 10% of the actual production, not a fixed quantity. The amount of honey changes from year to year, as it always does in nature. We will give you a detailed overview of the harvest whenever we take out honey, also explaining the background. 
- Each time we take out honey, it is different, as different plants bloom at different times. You will receive 10% from all different harvests of the season, so you will have different honey for different occasions. 
- To receive your honey, you will need to place an order via our e-shop each year. The shipping is free during 2023-2025, after that, you need to pay according to the actual shipping cost. Placing the order every year is required in order to make sure that we will send the honey to the correct address and there is someone to accept the delivery. We will let you know once the time comes to make the order.
- In case it turns out during the first shipment in 2023 that due to the customs regulations we are unable to ship the honey to your country, we will issue a full refund for your adoption. 

By adopting a beehive you agree with the following terms and conditions.