Georgian Pastoral, green tea
Georgian Pastoral,  renegade tea estate
georgian green tea

Georgian Pastoral

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Type: Green tea
Plantation: Renegade Estate
Harvest: 24.05.2019
Leaves: 17,1 kg
Total produce: 3,55 kg
Package: 50 g

Georgian Pastoral

Green tea with a kick! Georgian Pastoral smells like freshly cut grass mixed with the sweet aroma of chocolate cookies and tastes like wild apples. The aftertaste has a slight kick of astringency and some floral notes.

Much like Georgian countryside, this tea is sweet and welcoming- a true delight. But if you look closer, you start to see all the imperfections… Like the lack of stable jobs in the Georgian countryside of some small oxidation in this green tea. True Georgian Pastoral that you can’t really help but to fall in love with, regardless of all the imperfections.

All Renegade Tea Estate teas are grown chemical free and without any concentrated fertilizers. All of the harvests are done manually - hand-plucking only the finest leaves. In addition to harvesting from our own plantations, we also cooperate with some nearby farmers. All of the teas we sell are produced by us, experimenting with different recipes, trying to bring out the best of Georgian tea. Read more how we make the teas from here.