Gift set - 5 teas + tea infuser


A perfect gift to your tea lover friend or family member! A selection of 5 teas and a tea infuser to make It really easy to enjoy the teas! 

The collection includes six 50 gram teas and a stainless steel tea infuser:

1 x 50g Georgian Breakfast  - A great companion to start the day with! This black tea's captivating smell is toasty, smoky, a bit spicy. You can feel some roasted rye bread, tobacco. The taste is full-bodied, toasty and you can also feel the sweetness of dried plums.

1 x 50g Renegade Black - This one is a representative of the classical Georgian black tea – smooth, a bit sweet and fruity, accompanied with just enough tannins at the end.

1x 50g Prodigy Mesame - The smell is fresh and floral, you can feel the sweet aroma of butter biscuits and sweet summer flowers. The taste is well-balanced but floral at the same time. Not too much to the green nor to the black side, just the right balance. 

1 x 50g Kartuli Alphabet -  A light and crispy green tea. The taste is fresh, grassy and floral with a little bit of astringency at the end.

1 x 50 g Sunset Garden - The smell is brothy, even a bit roasted. The taste is nicely balanced - it has a grassy, vegetal flavour with hints of flowers in it. 

1 tea infuser - A tea infuser is perfect if you want to have a quick cup of tea! No more messing around with the teapot for just one cup - you can use the infuser straight in your favourite mug and use the same leaves for many infusions.

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Gift set - 5 teas + tea infuser
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