Green tea Rioni Estate
Green tea Rioni Estate

Green tea Rioni Estate

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This year we have 2 different green teas that were harvested from your personal tea garden in Rioni Community Garden, so here is a hint what to expect from your this year's Renegade tea delivery :) 

Tulip Garden The spring version of the popular Sunset Garden. After several tries to bring out the essence of Georgian green tea, this tea is the best result so far. It has a grassy, vegetal taste with hints of flowers. The most balanced green tea in our selection.

Green Velvet - One of the mildest version of our green teas. It’s perfect for all the tea lovers who tend to forget the leaves to steep for too long. The taste is fresh, smooth and vegetal. You can sense hints of mango in its aftertaste. Almost as if someone had secretly added a dash of sugar to your cup. The tea has a fresh yellowish colour and a sweet aroma. 

Please note, that the exact types of teas we will select for you randomly. If you know that you would for sure like to get Green Velvet for example, then let us know in the comments in the cart view and we'll take your wish into account.

Here’s a little guide to our green tea taste profiles:

green tea taste


All Renegade Tea Estate teas are grown under the Georgian sun, chemical-free and without any concentrated fertilizers. All of the harvests are done by hand- people from nearby villages plucking only the finest leaves. All of the teas are produced in our own small factory by either Tomas or Hannes, experimenting with different recipes, trying our best to bring out the greatest tastes of Georgian tea. 

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