Mystery Set

Mystery Set

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We kind of love mysteries and we believe that there are people who find some excitement from them as well. So, we created 3 different mysterious Mystery Sets. The set includes 20 x 6 g different batches of tea from our season number 3, which in total makes 120 g of tea

  • Green Mystery Set - 20 x 6 g  of white teas and green teas
  • Black Mystery Set - 20 x 6 g of black teas, herbal tea, and a blend of herbal and black tea
  • Oolong Mystery Set - 20 x 6 g only oolong teas
The mystery comes from the fact that all the teas will be selected randomly so you will have the joy of discovering the contents of the set just while opening it :) 

In season number 3 we produced 22 different teas, in 225 batches:
  • 2 white teas in 9 different batches
  • 6 green teas in 68 different batches
  • 5 oolong teas in 59 different batches
  • 7 black teas in 86 different batches
  • 1 herbal tea in 2 different batches
  • 1 blend of herbal and black tea in 1 batch
So this gives a pretty wide selection of teas :)

PS! If you are planning to get this set as a present, please mark it in the comments :)

All Renegade Tea Estate teas are grown under the Georgian sun, chemical-free and without any concentrated fertilizers. All of the harvests are done by hand- people from nearby villages plucking only the finest leaves. All of the teas we sell are produced in our own small factory by either Tomas or Hannes, experimenting with different recipes, trying our best to bring out the greatest tastes of Georgian tea. 

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