Spring Sting, Georgian black tea
Spring Sting, Georgian black tea
georgian black tea

Spring Sting

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Type: Black tea
Plantation: Mandikori Estate
Harvest: 09.05 - 11.05.2019
Leaves: 54,95 divided into two batches
Total produce: 8,55 kg
Package: 50 g

Georgian black tea taste

Spring Sting has a traditional sweet taste of Georgian teas and a light bronze colour with a sweet aroma of bananas and cookies. The smooth taste of Spring Sting combines the sweetness of melon with a dash of citrus.

From the delicate white teas, we jumped into true black teas. This black tea is one of the first tests of black we made in this year, resulting in two batches from Mandikori Estate that initially seemed like a super strong black tea, that punches you in the face if steeped too long. It came out though, that after a bit of rest Spring does not sting that painfully, it is still as smooth as all the typical Georgian teas :)


All Renegade Tea Estate teas are grown chemical free and without any concentrated fertilizers. All of the harvests are done manually - hand-plucking only the finest leaves. In addition to harvesting from our own plantations, we also cooperate with some nearby farmers. All of the teas we sell are produced by us, experimenting with different recipes, trying to bring out the best of Georgian tea. Read more how we make the teas from here.