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Sweet Georgian Spring

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A collection of the traditional sweet and fruity Georgian black teas, accompanied by oolong teas which are completely new to the Georgian tea world. First oolongs were made by us last season and they proved to be a hit, so Georgian oolong teas might become a popular thing :)

The set includes 200g of tea, 2xblack and 2xoolong:

  • Spring Sting - A traditional sweet and mellow Georgian tea. The smooth and silky taste combines the sweetness of melon with a dash of citrus.
  • First Kiss - Light and smooth- a perfect choice for black tea novices! A sweet aroma of roasted honey, mixed with biscuits and slight fruitiness. 
  • Miss Ohh Long - Well-balanced oolong, not too much to the greener side nor to the darker side. The taste has notes of lilacs and jasmines, combined with fruits and a bit of astringency. 
  • No. 36 - A darker type of oolong. A sweet smell of muffins, barberry candy and raisins. Taste combines the earthy tastes of childhood summers- wet gravel stones after rain, growing grass and sweet ending notes with some astringency.

PS! That’s about 70 cups of tea!

All Renegade Tea Estate teas are grown under the Georgian sun, chemical-free and without any concentrated fertilizers. All of the harvests are done by hand- people from nearby villages plucking only the finest leaves. In addition to harvesting from Renegade plantations, we also cooperate with some nearby farmers. All of the teas we sell are produced in our own small factory by either Tomas or Hannes, experimenting with different recipes, trying our best to bring out the greatest tastes of Georgian tea. Read more how we make the teas from here.