Season four!

2021 started with some changes for us and we’d like to share them with you as well. Once we finished with production last year, we took several weeks to reflect and analyze where we are and to update our plans for the coming years. 2020 was challenging in many ways, but there is also much to be satisfied about and we believe that in 2021 Renegade Tea Estate is ready for the next phase. 

Renegade EstateRenegade Estate in winter.

There are 88 new owners of Renegade Tea Estate 

How did this happen all of a sudden? Well, thinking about our plans and what we would like to achieve with the farm, we realized that with the slow and steady course we have reached a kind of glass ceiling with developing the farm. We believe that everyone would win if we would speed up the progress of the company and at the same time let new investors benefit from our future growth. So, we decided to invite new investors on board through equity crowdfunding.

We planned to give a small head start to the Renegade Community - people having their own tea bushes and gardens at our estates - and to launch a public campaign at the beginning of this year. This didn’t go as planned though and that means there is one good news and one maybe not so good news for you.

Good news - with the overwhelmingly big interest from the community, we gathered the necessary funds quite quickly and we will be launching some new and exciting projects this year. We'll keep you updated about those, of course ;)

Not so good news maybewith the overwhelmingly big interest from the community, we gathered the necessary funds quite quickly and therefore, we decided to cancel the public campaign for now. If you would also like to have a part of your very own tea farm, then don’t worry too much. If we manage to fulfill all the goals for this year, then we will invite the next round of investors on board already at the end of the year. 

There will be some changes in managing our daily processes

Firstly, it is clear that unfortunately we will not have many tourists visiting our Estate in 2021. And as little Kendrick is growing, Hanna can now also gradually take on more responsibilities. Those two factors in combination led to a decision that there is not much point for Miina to move to Georgia this summer and she will support us mostly on the sidelines in 2021. 

Also, Priit is currently contemplating a possible permanent move to Georgia with his family. So, most likely we will have some changes in the shipping department sometime in 2021, but we have not finalized any details yet. What will be the exact responsibilities of Priit in the future is still in discussion and will be finalized once he has settled down in Georgia. 

What is certain however, is that the five of us will have our hands full in Georgia also in 2021 - Tomas and Hannes continue as our tea masters, Mario will take care of the plantations and all the processes that happen there. Hanna will be bringing our daily life to you via social media and deal with other sales and marketing things. Kristiina will manage our packing and logistics operations, while also helping Hanna on the marketing side.

Renegade field teamField team and Mario at Renegade Estate.

Also our local team in Georgia is changing and growing. Since the tea bushes are getting bigger and fern is getting weaker, then every year there is less and less of pure and numb fighting with weeds, but more daily plantation management works. Which means that we don't need any more 40 guys working for some weeks during the summer months, but more like 10 guys working with us on a yearly basis. So, we are now building more permanent teams with whom we could work side by side on a longer term. 

So, this means that we are ready to once again bring you some damn good tea from season 4! 

Written by Kristiina