• Range of teas 2021

    Range of teas 2021

    In general, I take pride in the fact that at least to my knowledge we have never shipped out a nasty tasting tea that makes you wrench your face in pain and horror. But let's be honest - when you are just starting your tea maker career, you will not hit a jackpot every time you step into the factory either. And even as...
  • Tea master's reflections ahead of 4th production season

    Tea master's reflections ahead of 4th production season

    Let's face it. As the stage is set for season 4, we are no longer complete rookies as tea makers. So, the bar we have set for ourselves must be raised! But we are no veterans either, so we have to look at it as a gradual process. Always proud, never satisfied, is the motto I try to follow in work and I think...
  • Preparations for spring

    Preparations for spring

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    After the last batch of teas was sent to Estonia at the beginning of November, we went straight to the fields to start with plantation maintenance works and prepare the fields for spring. From this season, Mario has been taking the responsibility for managing and coordinating all the works in our plantations and therefore we stayed in Georgia also for the winter. So, here’s...
  • How oolong tea is made?

    How oolong tea is made?

    If you are new to the tea world, you might even ask “what the heck is oolong tea?”. Don’t worry, we all have been there. Let’s try to make it easier by bringing an example from the world of wine - there is white and red wine and in between there is rosé. Oolong is the “rosé” of teas. It is a semi-oxidized tea...
  • Growing tea plants at home

    Growing tea plants at home

    The plan of having a nursery in one of our plantations for growing new tea plants has always been there, but until we don’t have one, we decided to do a little experiment at home. Seeing how a plant is evolving has always been an interesting and special thing to observe and as we didn’t have any experience with planting tea seeds ourselves, it...
  • Season four!

    Season four!

    2021 started with some changes for us and we’d like to share them with you as well. Once we finished with production last year, we took several weeks to reflect and analyze where we are and to update our plans for the coming years. 2020 was challenging in many ways, but there is also much to be satisfied about and we believe that in...
  • Moving permanently to Georgia

    Moving permanently to Georgia

    We have been in Georgia for 2 months now. It feels actually more like 2 years and I don’t mean it in a negative way. We are quite used to living here already, even though the life that we have here is a lot different from what we had in Estonia. I need to admit that I like this change, even though I sometimes...
  • Trapped in Georgia - how 10 days turned into 5 months.

    Trapped in Georgia - how 10 days turned into 5 months.

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    I know we are all sick and tired of Covid, but I thought it's still worth to put down my thoughts of those 5 months when we were unintentionally stuck in Georgia. If not anything else, then it is at least interesting for myself to read it after a year or two :D It all started when we flew to Kutaisi at the beginning...
  • How green tea is made

    How green tea is made

    How to produce tea from a fresh tea leaf so that it ends up as a cup of steaming hot green tea? And why should you even care how your tea is made? Although processing tea is a bit like making apple pie- every chef has their recipe and all the variations can be amazing, depending on the mood, season and sort of apples,...
  • Iced tea special [WITH RECIPES]

    Iced tea special [WITH RECIPES]

    Luckily, tea is a very versatile drink. It is a perfect companion during dark and cold winter evenings but the iced version can be a great refreshment on a hot summer day... Or just something good to grab from the fridge to quench your thirst :) COLD BREW ICED TEA There are various techniques for making iced tea, but my favourite is still the cold brew method,...
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