Renegade Tea Estate - a real tea farm in Europe



We're not a tea company. We are a tea farm. We are not tea sellers. We are tea producers. We are a group of friends who ditched their careers in their home countries to become tea farmers and to save abandoned tea plantations in Georgia.



Come and visit us! We'll give you a tour around Renegade Tea Estate plantations and our small tea factory! We will tell you about the history of Georgian tea, how tea is made, how it is like to live in Georgia or whatever other topics that interest you. We are just 20 minutes from Kutaisi.

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Combining tea leaves from well-aged seed-grown bushes with modern processing techniques, we try to bring out the best of Georgian tea. We offer the widest selection of different Georgian teas.


Our tea fields have been free of chemicals and concentrated fertilizers for 30 years and we plan to keep it like this! There are no half truths or exaggerations in our communication, what you see is what you get!

real people behind your tea

​The fields are taken care of and the tea leaves harvested with the help of the local community. All the teas are produced by either Tomas or Hannes in our little tea factory. Whenever you reach out, it's one of us talking to you.


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what our customers think

I absolutely love the story and how they communicate. Very good quality tea. Can’t wait what kind goods season four will bring to us!
Lauma Stepanova

Feb 11, 2021

I have never been much of a tea enthusiast and used to think any store-bought tea bag is good enough. Then I saw the Renegades Indigogo campaign and bought myself a tea bush, just to support the mission this team is on. Ever since my first cup of tea - I am hooked!
Helin Tamm

Sep 3, 2019

I have had the Prodigy Oolong and Georgian Breakfast so far. I had high hopes, but these two teas completely blew my mind. They are really special. It is great to find something that is so different yet complex and wonderful.
Martin Boháčik

Nov 18, 2020

One of my favorite gifts to send, to friends esp across the EU, if I want to get a Georgian gift to them - excellent quality, nicely packed, delivers fast and reliable, and also supports a great venture of growing high quality tea in Imereti. Have done this often, and will do this often in the future, too!
Hans Gutbrod

Sep 8, 2020

There is a thousand vendors out there selling tea. When buying tea from the Renegades, you don’t just buy great tea, you also buy a story, and you become part of that story. I tried 8 or 9 of their first years tea, and was very positively surprised! I’m definitely excited to see what the upcoming season will bring us. დიდი მადლობა!
Maxime Rioux

May 24, 2019

Wonderful! I have a number of bad allergies, and I'm grateful to find a tea that I don't react to. It's really hard to find all of the details necessary with tea because usually companies buy from a number of sources. They also have great customer service!
Hailee Yip

Sep 16, 2019

We ordered several types of Renegade tea plus christmas set. Tasted Imereti summer today and it's awesome! Can't wait to taste the rest. Tea cups are lovely and very comfortable to drink from. Highly recommended ❤️
Anna Gorozia

Dec 8, 2020

Renegade rumblings

A blog filled with rumblings about tea, farming and life in Georgia.

Range of teas 2021

Range of teas 2021

In general, I take pride in the fact that at least to my knowledge we have never shipped out a nasty tasting tea that makes you wrench your face in pain and horror....
Tea master's reflections ahead of 4th production season

Tea master's reflections ahead of 4th production season

Let's face it. As the stage is set for season 4, we are no longer complete rookies as tea makers. So, the bar we have set for ourselves must be raised! But we...
Preparations for spring

Preparations for spring

After the last batch of teas was sent to Estonia at the beginning of November, we went straight to the fields to start with plantation maintenance works and prepare the fields for spring....
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