Our 2023 harvest is sold out, but we have some taster sets available in our e-shop so you can still try our teas. We start to take orders for the 2024 harvest on 1st of November 2023.

In 2018, we took on three tea plantations in Georgia (Europe) that had been abandoned for 30 years. We learned how to be tea farmers and how to make good tea, and today some of the most respected tea shops around the world stock our award-winning teas. More importantly, more than 2000 families around the world trust us to grow their yearly tea supply!

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    Our small farm mostly works on a pre-order basis so we know exactly which teas to make for you during the tea season. Our 2023 harvest is already sold out, but we start to accept orders for 2024 on 1st of November 2023.

    Register your email here, if you want to get a reminder once the sales opens.

    We produce around 20 different organic teas each season - white, green, oolong, black teas, plus a few herbal teas and experiments. Every tea is grown and made on our farm, by us.

    If you're not yet ready to pre-order your harvest, try our taster set to get a feel for which teas are your favourite. We also put together some sets of teas that make a perfect gift.


    Join our Legendary Tea Master Bootcamp on our farm and deep dive into tea making. At the end of the Bootcamp, you'll take home 3KG of tea that you made.

    You'll spend up to 10 working days in our factory experiencing real life as a tea master – the joys, the challenges and everything in between.

  • Renegade tea farmers - a group of friends from the Baltics, growing tea in Georgia.


    We're not a tea company. We are a tea farm. We are not tea sellers. We are tea producers. We are a group of friends who ditched their careers in their home countries to become tea farmers and to save abandoned tea plantations in Georgia.

  • Visit a tea farm in Europe!


    We'll give you a tour around Renegade Tea Estate plantations and our small tea factory. We will tell you about the history of Georgian tea, how tea is made, how it is like to live in Georgia, or whatever other topics that interest you. We are just 20 minutes from Kutaisi.



  • Hans Gutbrod

    One of my favorite gifts to send, to friends esp across the EU, if I want to get a Georgian gift to them -excellent quality, nicely packed, delivers fast and reliable, and also supports a great venture of growing high quality tea in Imereti. Have done this often, and will do this often in the future, too!

  • Will Williams

    We recently went on a tour of the Renegade Tea Estate and Factory. This was one of the most unique and enjoyable experiences that we have had in our travels. Hanna was a wonderful guide who taught us so much about the tea process; from plucking the correct leaves all the way to how the final product is packaged. The tasting was lovely; we tried many delicious teas. We highly recommend a visit to this tea farm when you are in Georgia.

  • Holger Sundja

    I have known these guys for a while now (even visited their plantations in Georgia) and one thing is for sure - there's no bs coming from that direction. Never been much of a tea person, coffee was always my first pick, but the Renegades have shown me that I can really enjoy both. They are making high quality teas and putting their heart and soul into it. I wouldn't miss the chance to get my hands on that next batch of Oolong and you should not either.

  • Hailee Yip

    Wonderful! I have a number of bad allergies, and I'm grateful to find a tea that I don't react to. It's really hard to find all of the details necessary with tea because usually companies buy from a number of sources.They also have great customer service!

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