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Hannes and Tomas Renegade Tea Estate factory.

We produce chemical-free single origin loose leaf tea - from white to black and everything in between. Our tea comes from fields that have been abandoned for the last 30 years, and therefore we can say with confidence that the tea bushes have been chemical-free and we continue with the organic ways of farming.

Renegade teas are like wine - each season and each month are a little different. Even each batch is a little different, because our tea bushes are 60-70 years old seed-grown plants which means that it is nearly impossible to gather the same kind of leaves each time to make one unified product. Also, the tea for each batch has been harvested on a certain day from a certain plantation. We never blend or hide the origins of the tea and therefore even teas with the same recipe have some differences in taste dependant on which day it was made.

While we do try keep some balance, we also like to experiment a lot and create different kinds of tastes. Instead of creating 2-3 perfect recipes for the next 30 years, we have a vision of finding something new about Georgian tea each year. In 2019, we made 36 different teas, all together 450 kg. Year after year our recipes get more refined and the quantities bigger as the tea bushes mature, but we will never quit the experiments. We hope you want to join us on this journey to figure out what Georgian tea is capable of!