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Mandikori Estate
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Mandikori Estate is our second plantation. Mandikori Estate has a landscape with many variations - steep hills, some flat areas, rolling hills. It is bordered with a perfect pathway to stroll around in the plantation and it also includes a small waterfall.

Similarly to the landscape, also the plants' health and features vary in Mandikori. In addition to regular areas with healthy plants, there are some parts of the plantation where you can find tea growing under big trees. There are also parts where the plants have been destroyed completely after several fires. We plan to keep the wild tea as a variation to our tea blends and also plan to clean the burnt area to make a test field for new plants.

The first harvest was done in the spring of 2019.

Location: Mandikori

​ Coordinates: 42.368040, 42.825280

​ Altitude: 400-500 m

​ Size: 17,5 ha

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