Journey of the Renegade Tea Farmers

Alot of "journeys" start in a somewhat similar way. Usually, there are some coincidences for people, such as meeting someone who inspired them or visiting places that led to new ideas.
We can honestly say that the journey of Renegade Tea Estate started also with a series of

coincidences. It's a long story, however, so if you want to know exactly how we discovered the abandoned tea plantations in Georgia, you can read the full account in our blog.
Let's just say that we didn't have a lifelong dream to become tea farmers and there were no dramatic moments of "clarity" that descended on us. It started as a random thought but, somehow, one step followed another and with each of them we got more interested and more determined to push further.

There were also moments of doubt and, at times, we were intimidated by the idea of exchanging our office attire for rubber boots. There were a few that left our team halfway through and there were others that joined later but, in the end, our passion was bigger than our fear.

Renegade Tea Farmers jumping

There were some small things that influenced us. We all grew up in small towns in the countryside, so being close to nature again was something we had all thought about. Another influence was the hospitality and warmth of the people we met in the Georgian villages. In the end, there were three big reasons why we decided to become Renegade Tea Farmers, despite the risks and questions we had: 

  • We see a true mission and greater good in helping to revive the Georgian tea industry. Seeing the bushy, abandoned tea fields scattered around on the beautiful hills of western Georgia and the dwindling small towns, which are slowly emptying due to the lack of employment and prospects, gave us the strong impulse and motivation to do something about it. 
  • We believe, that we can bring something different and unique to the tea scene.
    The tea industry is dominated by middlemen and big corporations. There is more tea produced in the world than is consumed and there are hundreds of companies branding and selling it. Yet it is hard to find even a handful of true next-door tea farmers who are growing, making and selling their high quality natural products under their own brand names. There is a general lack of authenticity as the profits are reaped by middlemen and distributors, leaving the farmers and producers in the shadows.
    Therefore, our goal is to be the most transparent tea company with the most personal customer experience, from planting the new seedlings until sending you a box of our teas. 
  • Our own values and goals.
    There are three main things about business that we all share in our team — we don’t like politics and corporate games, we have always wanted to challenge the status quo and we share a passion for really good, authentic customer experiences. Therefore, starting a small tea estate in Georgia felt like a pretty good match with our personal goals and ambitions.
  • "Our goal is to be the most transparent tea company with the most personal customer experience in the world."