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Renegade Estate

Renegade Estate is the first plantation that we started to work on. By February 2018, the plantation was completely trimmed down - cleaned from weeds, bushes and small trees. Over the spring and summer new shoots were growing and our very first harvest from Renegade Estate was done in July 2018. 

Renegade Estate is located in Opurchkheti, Imereti. It lies between mountains in a peaceful place. Although it is close to the main road when standing in the plantation you hear only silence. The landscape is not very hilly, but it is bordered by chasms from most of the sides. 

See from the video how the plantation was cleaned:

Location: Opurchkheti

​ Coordinates: 42.360175, 42.673670

​ Altitude: 400-450 m

​ Size: 17,5 ha

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