Season two as tea farmers in Georgia- let's go!

Team Renegade is back in Georgia and ready for action! Being away from the tea fields and endless surprises that life in Georgia has to offer, and spending time with our close ones more was really something to be enjoyed, but now we are all more motivated than ever to face season nr two for Renegade Tea Estate!

Seems like a perfect time to put down some goals for this season.

To understand more about tea

Let’s say if to compare our knowledge of tea with the movie of Jamaican bobsledders - Cool Runnings (my favourite parallel to our Renegade project) we are more or less in the part where they had a few first rides down the hill, mostly screaming and praying to stay alive while it happened. This season hopefully will be the one where we can actually focus on learning how to steer the sledge and look beyond the struggle of life in the process while doing it. 

Cha-cha making in the villageGet more into the local culture

When we started with our language studies last year (read about it HERE) with a big hooray, we all thought that we’d be further along with the Georgian language than we are now. I personally have to admit that I still can not read. Why? Because quite soon after we got our factory going we all dived so deep into the life of factory and tea fields, that we kind of forgot about the notebooks with weird Georgian letters in them and the team negotiations mostly still happen in English. This year’s plan is to dive more deeply into the local life, learn the language as well as the stories that all the villagers carry with them. Blogs and vlogs with local people coming up- brace yourself! And also remind me, if they have not happened in mid-summer or something like that.

Spread the Renegade vibe

Renegade Tea Estate is not just about making tea, it is about the mindset. All of us are motivated to do things in the best possible way, with no discounts on quality, honesty and the joy of doing all of it. Embracing the fact that it is possible to live your everyday life with these motivations in your mind, is something that I really want to share with the world more and more. More happy people, who are doing the things they love, brings a better world for everyone! 

Yes, I know- in the terms of office life these goals are not really measurable, so if I were to pitch this goal list to my boss in the office, I’d probably have to put all kinds of numbers next to all of them… But I am not going to. After all, escaping the unnecessary metrics and reports is exactly why I left my office job and what keeps the joy of doing things alive! So let’s see what is the best the Renegades can do this year!

Season two of Renegade Tea Estate, let’s do it!

 Written by Miina