Where to find the best organic black tea?

The world of tea makes your head spin with their big headlines that they have the best organic black tea, the healthiest green teas and the rarest oolongs. So, how is one suppose to know what is the best tea out there?

We believe that there is no one best tea out there. It doesn’t really matter which tea is claimed to superb or the most exquisite. What you like and enjoy is what matters. And this is something that only you can decide, no other person can tell you that. So, even if we really hope you like our teas, it is up to you if you really do like them.

So, we’re not saying that ours is the best organic black tea out there, but we can say that it is clean and has been chemical-free for the last 30 years. Most probably it is also one of the most unique ones out there because it has been grown in Georgia. We have made them with hard work and dedication so we would also like them ourselves. 

Ever heard of the best organic black tea coming from Georgia?

No? Don’t worry, not many have heard of Georgian tea. Even though Georgia was once one of the biggest black tea producers in the world. They were especially famous for their black tea, the industry back then was of course aiming quantity, not quality. The whole industry collapsed in the early ’90s, leaving behind thousands of hectares of tea plantations. Read more about the drastic collapse from here

When we first came to Georgia, there was one abandoned tea plantation next to another. Nothing was left from the once glorious tea industry. We, former office rats, saw this as an opportunity. A chance to do something that matters and a possibility to help the Georgian villages get back on track at least a little bit.

So, we left our jobs in our home countries to become tea farmers in Georgia. We are now trying to combine modern technologies with local knowledge to bring out the best of Georgian tea. Learn more about our story from here.

tea plantation in georgia

Georgia is one of the best places on earth to produce high-quality organic teas. Chilly winters mean that there are no natural pests and therefore no chemicals or pesticides are needed to keep tea healthy.  Our tea bushes are seed-grown and well-aged since they were planted already 60-70 years ago. This gives the teas a good complexity and unique flavour.

So, we don’t promise you that we have the best organic black teas in the world. But we hope you want to try out our clean, chemical-free Georgian black teas. Let us know, maybe you found your new favourite :)


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We ship worldwide! International shipping is expensive, so in order for the transport not to cost more than the tea you actually want, we recommend trying out one of our collections. For orders over 50 EUR/55 USD, shipping is for free. 

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