As a small farm, we mainly work on a pre-order basis, but if ordering your yearly teas up front seems like too big of a commitment right now, then we also offer some gift sets you can enjoy throughout the year or gift to your loved ones.

Every now and then we also experiment with some new recipes and put the results up here.

Want to gift something more than just tea this Christmas?

  • Personal tea garden + 600g of artisan tea

    Gift your loved one their very own tea garden in Georgia! With the tea garden adoption, they get to enjoy 600 grams of organic, artisan Georgian tea (4 different)!

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  • A tea farm board game + a set of teas

    Besides growing tea, we love to play board games. Now we have come up with our own - the Legendary Tea Farmer. Pre-order the game and get a set of Renegade teas together with it!

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Ordering times for Christmas gifts

The last days to order for the package to arrive on time:

Shipping to Europe:

Fedex: 14th of December
National Post: 11th of December

Shipping outside of Europe:
Fedex: 11th of December
National Post: 1st of December

Shipping to Latvia, Lithuania:
15th of December

Shipping to Estonia:
18th of December

*Shipping time depends on the carrier and we can't guarantee the correct arrival time.