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Rioni Estate
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Rioni Estate is the last plantation that we found, or actually stumbled upon. When we were scouting for potential buildings for a factory, we found an old warehouse and discovered another abandoned tea plantation next to it. Well, we just couldn't leave it there :)

The Rioni Estate is the smallest and most compact plantation that we have. It is also special since it dates back to the 1930's - the age of the plants give more depth and flavour to the taste of tea. The rows of tea bushes are on wide and quite steep terraces, something that we haven't seen much in other plantations in Georgia.  

This plantation is being rehabilitated with the help of our Indiegogo campaign supporters. Part of Rioni Estate is allocated to our Renegade Community Garden - an area where people from around the world have adopted a tea garden of their own.

Location: Gumati

​ Coordinates: 42.327582, 42.686906

​ Altitude: 250-300 m

​ Size: 12 ha

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