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Renegade Community Garden connects 169 people from 21 different countries around the world. It is a home for 151 personal tea gardens in one of our plantations - Rioni Estate. The owners of the small tea gardens are a part of the Renegade story and the history of reviving the abandoned Georgian tea plantations together with us.

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It all started a few years back. The first 80 tea gardens were adopted in 2018 via our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. The gardens were adopted by people who really believed in us and wanted to support Renegade Tea Estate's story even before we had made a single batch of tea! Until now 89 more gardens have found a new owner and we have gathered an international community  of tea lovers who all have a personal tea garden in Georgia!

151 personal tea gardens -
owners from 21 different countries



"It's not our tea,
that we are selling to you, it's your tea, that we are
growing for you"

Firstly, it is who we are as Renegade tea farmers. From day one, we didn't want to sell tea. There are already thousands of companies doing that. Instead, we wanted to be next-door tea farmers to our customers. We wanted others to be a part of our story. 

"It's not our tea that we are selling to you, it's your tea that we are growing for you" - this message on our boxes is the principle that guides us. So, we think it's pretty cool if more people join the Renegade tea farmers community, people who can call Renegade Tea Estate their own tea farm.

"It's not our tea,
that we are selling to you,
it's your tea, that we are
growing for you"

The second reason has been a bit more earthly - it has been quite a challenge to survive the first 3 years of our journey, while fighting with the weeds and waiting for the bushes to grow. While our team is brave and hardworking, none of us had an endless stash of gold, and we also tried to avoid selling our souls to the bank. The community that has joined us over the first years, has helped us to share the initial investments during the start-up phase. In return people get organically grown, tasty tea from their own garden for the next 25 years.

There are hundreds of abandoned tea plantations in Georgia that could be brought back to life, but it's costly.

From time to time we receive questions about when we will allocate new tea gardens. We have never taken firm commitments in this respect, but it has always been our intention to try and grow the Community Garden over time. Now, as we have been making gradual process with our farm, we have reached the point where we have both time and people to clean and rehabilitate some of the harder to reach and difficult parts of the Rioni and Mandikori plantations.

If you would like to be notified when we will put up new gardens for adoption, then leave your e-mail and you will be the first one to know :)

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