Black teas, also known as red teas, are typically stronger and more flavorful since in addition to withering, rolling and drying, there is an extra step in the process called oxidation.  Many people choose not to drink black teas due to the belief that they are very strong and bitter. While this can be the case for some regions, Georgian black teas are typically a lot softer and smoother than your average black teas, carrying a certain fruity sweetness in them.

From Renegade Tea Estate spring black teas, the First Kiss is a perfect start for a beginner tea drinker, while the Spring Sting has a little more attitude in it, maintaining still the smoothness of a typical light Georgian black tea.

Black tea is the traditional tea in Georgia- it had its heyday during the Soviet Union, being the only tea that was drunk in the countries within the union and the finest batches made their way straight to Moscow. While the processing methods and quality were quite different back then, we are trying to combine modern processing technologies and chemical-free farming to bring the best out of the Georgian black tea and to introduce it to the world once again!