Green teas are made when the tea leaves are withered, fixed, rolled and dried in a way that no oxidation happens to the leaves.  Although many people have the understanding that green teas are always bitter, then this is not actually true. While some green teas are naturally a little bit astringent, then for others, the astringent taste appears only if to bew the tea with too hot water. From our selection the Green Velvet, for example, is a very smooth and sweet green tea which doesn't get angry even if you leave it to stand in the cup for too long.

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Green tea is not the traditional tea in Georgia. Although approximately 150 000 tons of tea was produced during the heydays of the Georgian tea industry, all of it was almost exclusively black tea. We believe that the tea plants grown on lands that have been free of chemicals for nearly 30 years, make also a great basis for high-quality organic green tea. Combining chemical-free farming and modern techniques of processing, we try to bring out the uniqueness of Georgian green tea.