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Oolong teas, being semi-oxidized, fall process wise between green and black teas- they can vary from green oolongs on one side to dark oolongs, almost fully oxidized, on the other side. Oolong teas have typically the smoothest tastes palettes, without any sharp edges or strong astringent notes. From Renegade Tea Estate spring oolongs Lazy Morning is in our opinion the best oolong type of tea what we have managed to make so far- carrying very distinct characteristics in both smell and taste.

Oolong tea is completely new in the Georgian tea world- when green tea is just rare, then oolong is something that is not seen at all here. We believe that the characteristics of the Georgian tea bushes that have been growing on lands that have been free of chemicals for nearly 30 years,  are just right to experiment with different kind of oolong type of teas. Combining chemical-free farming and modern techniques of processing, we hope to surprise the world with Georgian oolong teas.