In theory,white teas are the easiest to make - just wither and dry! But the secret to a good white tea holds a lot more than meets the eye - it depends where and when the leaves have grown and how exactly it has been processed. For example, only the most delicate part of the tea bush is plucked, a bud and one leaf, making it a very resource demanding and thorough job. 

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White tea is something that, similarly to oolong tea, you don't really find in Georgia. As the traditional tea is black tea, then the soft, mild taste of white is not something that would be popular among locals. But we believe that Renegade Tea Estate plantations with its mixture of cultivars make a great basis to experiment with different kind of white teas- traditional spring whites and also not so ordinary summer batches. Our tea fields that have been chemical-free for nearly 30 years are ideal for delicate, pure tastes that white teas hold.