FAQ about the adoption

1. When do I get my tea?

The teas from your garden will be sent each autumn, in November. Adoptions made before 2024 season will receive teas in November 2024.

2. How much tea do I get from my plot?

You will receive the quantity you have selected when making your adoption. The minimum size of a tea garden is 20 square meters and it corresponds to 600 g of tea (4x150g). Each additional 150 g of tea adds 5 square meters to your garden. 525g grams in case one of the teas is white tea ( 3x150g + 1x75g).

3. How much is shipping

Shipping is free worldwide!

4. For how long is the adoption?

Adoptions are renewed automatically for the next season unless you cancel it. Adoption is renewed on the same day when you made the original adoption - if you made the original adoption on 10th of December, it will also renew on the 10th of December next year.

5. Can I cancel the adoption?

In case of yearly payment plan you can cancel the adoption any time. If you have been already charged for the next season, the made payments will not be refunded and adoption cancels after the tea has been delivered. 

In case of monthly payment plan you can cancel the adoption after the first 12 months. Already made payments will be not refunded. For example, if you cancel at 15 months, you will receive teas for the paid 12 months, additional 3 months of payment will not be refunded.

6. Where can I see my adoption details?

You can see your adoption details when you log in to your account. You will also receive a link with the adoption confirmation. 

7. If I take the monthly payments, when am I charged?

You will be charged on the 15th of every month. 

8. If I take the yearly payments, when am I charged?

You will be charged on the same day every year as you made your original order.

9. Do I need to pay for customs?

You do not need to pay for customs or make any import declarations in the EU countries. We ship everything from Estonia and therefore all the customs procedures have been done already before by us. 

If you live in a country outside the EU, then you need to make an import declaration and also pay the relevant taxes that your country’s legislation requires.

10. Can I change my shipping address?

Yes, you can edit your shipping and billing addresses from your account when you log in.

11. Why do you offer only adoptions and not single packages?

We are a small farm with a small team and we can’t do everything. We like to put our focus on growing and producing tea and communicating with our customers. We don’t see a lot of value in just selling tea, bag after bag, with one campaign after another.

We also believe that this way we can work more Earth-Friendly. Producing just as much tea as needed, instead of making a lot and then trying to sell it, creates less waste. Also, packaging tea into bigger packages and having a couple of bigger shipments, instead of sending small parcels every day, helps us to reduce waste. 

We will however continue to sell different taster sets and gift sets also in the future. See the full selection here

12. Do you have organic certification?

Yes, we are an officially organic certified tea farm. Also, we believe it's worth to point out that our plantations had been abandoned for 30 years before we started working on them, so the tea really is as organic as it gets :)

13. Can I visit my garden?

Of course! You are always welcome to visit your garden! Let us know when you are coming ;) For a guided tour around the Estate, let us know a bit earlier and book the time.

14. Can I give the adoption as a gift to someone?

Yes, absolutely! We think it is a great gift! Just leave a comment in the cart view and for the shipping address put the address of the gift receiver.