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Renegade Tea Farmers

This is us - the Renegades. Although we share a similar corporate past and our journey unites our views into one, we all have our own story to tell why we left our corporate careers as leaders and specialists in Lithuania and Estonia to become tea farmers in Georgia. 

"Be a little crazy, trust your gut and have courage - then you can make anything happen!"

Kristiina Mehik


Making sure that tea gets to the packages, the homepage is up and running and you get answers to your questions.


I don't know how to "go to work", I need to do something that matters to me and would create real value to others. I want to be 100% in and this I can do being a Renegade Tea Farmer... Read more from my blog post. 

Hannes Saarpuu


Producing some real good tea for you and making sure all the processes from field to factory are under control. 


After more than 10 years as a CEO of a mid-size transportation company with close to 500 employees, I felt that I was approaching a dead end. I needed to change something... Read more from my blog post.

Tomas Kaziliunas


Producing some real good tea for you and taking care of our furry little honeybees.


I have realized that working in a big corporation is like smoking for me - on occasions I feel ecstatic, calm and safe. However, mostly I suffer from not so attractive residual effects of those habits. I have managed to quit smoking, now I'm quitting corporate life as well... Read more from my blog post.

Hanna Villberg


Running around with a camera to bring our daily life to you via social media and making sure you hear all about our latest news.


I have made decisions to try things out of my comfort zone also before in my life. It can be very hard sometimes, but if you have the right people around you, the result can be amazing. I believe that this sums up the idea of me joining the Renegades... Read more from my blog post.⁣

Kendrick Kirsimaa


Keeping our days filled with laughter and developing relationships with the locals.

No e-mails or social media yet :)

Oh how I love the tea in every possible form of it – fresh leaves straight from the tea bush, slightly withered tea leaves from the bamboo tray or a bit roasted ones, I love to eat them all. I also enjoy participating in our tea tastings where I can smell and drink the tea. Njomm :)

Mario Kirsimaa


Keeping our tea bushes happy and healthy, cows out of the fences and fern down to a minimum.


I haven’t had many fancy job titles in my short career, instead, I value learning new things, having great people around me and creating value for others. Producing some good tea in Georgia with other crazy Renegades ticks all my boxes.⁣

Miina Saak


Currently cheering for our success on the sidelines.

Growing tea in Georgia is surely different from anything I had thought about before, but I know that Georgia could use a crew of somewhat crazy people from the Baltics to get the once so amazing tea industry going again... Read more from my blog post.

Priit Lavits


Currently cheering for our success on the sidelines.

I have worked in clothing, IT, transport and some other businesses, why not tea business? I have enjoyed tea for my whole life, it's about time to make some quality tea myself. 

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