Becoming a legendary tea master takes work, but your dedication is rewarded ten-fold. Read on for what to expect.


The Legendary Teamaster Bootcamp is a tailor-made tea-making workshop for individuals and small groups. You deep-dive into tea making, experience life as a tea master, and make your own favourite tea.

Each Bootcamp is customised based on your interests and goals, but you’ll definitely spend long days training to be a tea master at the factory and tasting a lot of teas.

The standard package includes 5 days* of hands-on training for up to max. 3 people as a group, so you can bring your friends or family along if you'd like. If you want to go even deeper, you can extend the Bootcamp to up to 10 working days.

This isn't a typical holiday or casual training. Once you enter our factory as a trainee tea master, Hannes and Tomas will expect you to put in the work: experiencing the joys and pains of a tea master for the whole day. In return for your hard work, you’ll learn what it takes to be a tea master and make your own tea that you can then drink at home. 

*Bear in mind, that it might be more than 5 calendar days as tea harvesting is influenced by the weather.


The main outcome of the Bootcamp is a unique tea that you make yourself. There are many reasons why you would want to make your own tea - first of all, it is something tangible you have made yourself, something that is increasingly rare these days. You can make it for yourself to drink at home or as a Christmas gift for your friends and relatives. Or, maybe you have a small restaurant or tea shop and you would want to offer the tea you made yourself.

The standard bootcamp lasts for 5 working days (please check the more detailed description below). On the first 4 days, you learn by doing and test your recipes, ready to make your own batch on the final day.

However, if you feel that 4 days of preparation is not sufficient and you want to experiment more, the Bootcamp package can be extended to up to 10 days for an additional fee. Once your tea is ready, we will package it according to your instructions (the size of the package and the name of the tea can be chosen by you) and ship it to you together with our next cargo out of Georgia.


You spend each day at our factory, producing tea together with us. We’ll cover different aspects of tea making which you can then apply in real life, when you make your own tea.

  • DAY 1

    Spend the day with us at the factory, producing tea and:

    – Learn about Renegade Tea Estate and the history of Georgian tea
    - Take a tour in the plantation; learning the role and importance of the tea fields and harvest in tea making.
    - Run through general rules and safety principles in the factory.
    - Learn how we make different types of Renegade teas
    - Learn about different factors that impact tea making (season, weather, conditions at the factory)
    - Run through of the machinery in the factory and their roles in the tea making process.
    - Learn the general rules and principles when working with tea leaves.
    - Learn how to brew and taste tea, tasting and quality monitoring in the factory.

  • DAY 2

    Spend the day with us at the factory, producing tea and:

    - Learn how to assess tea leaves during the processing and 'feel' the how to make the next step.
    - Get a more detailed overview of the processing steps and methods and how to achieve certain characteristics in tea.
    - Hands-on experience with the machinery in the factory.
    - Learn to taste different taste profiles in green/black/oolong teas.
    - Decide which tea you want to produce at the end of Bootcamp and what are the characteristics you want to achieve.
  • DAY 3

    Spend the day with us at the factory, producing tea and:

    - Practice the tea mkaing steps (based on the tea you want to make).
    - Make your own first small tests for your tea tea.
    - Taste the different batches and understanding the connection between the production steps and taste profile.

  • DAY 4

    Spend the day with us at the factory, producing tea and:

    - Continue experimenting and testing recipes for your own tea.
    - Finalise your tea packaging: name, description, package size and other customisable content).

  • DAY 5

    Spend the day with us at the factory, producing tea and:

    Produce your final tea. End of the Bootcamp.

  • DAY 6

    - If you have time, we'll taste your tea and discuss your experience.
    - Traditional Georgian Supra in the evening to wrap up the Bootcamp.

If you want to go deeper and if you have time, you can extend the Bootamp and spend up to 10 working days in the factory.



    1. The Bootcamp is focused on giving you a realistic experience of tea making. It is not a typical holiday package with lots of entertainment and little work. Be prepared to be physically exhausted by the end of the Bootcamp.
    2. Our factory is a 15-minute drive from the centre of Kutaisi. You can arrange your own transport or we can pick you up from the centre each morning. 
    3. All safety rules and instructions from the tea masters must be followed at all times.
    4. There are no dining options near our farm, so you need to take your daily food with you each morning. There is a tasting lounge at the factory with a fridge, a small oven to warm up food, plates and cutlery. Sometimes the production days can last more than 12 hours, so plan accordingly.