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We have created a separate tea garden for personal tea bushes at Mandikori Estate.
Today we have 83 personal tea bushes which are owned by 91 people from different countries from all around the world.  

How it all started?

It all started a few years back. The first tea bush owners joined us in 2018,  via our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. These were people who believed in us and wanted to support Renegade Tea Estate's story even before we had made a single batch of tea. Since then, several people have joined the Renegade Community by getting a personal tea bush for themselves or as a gift to their loved ones. Today our personal tea bush garden connects 91 people from different parts of the world.

You can find more pictures of personal tea bushes HERE.

91 people have their own
tea bush at Mandikori Estate.

How to get your own tea bush?

The personal tea bushes are available for purchase in our e-shop. Firstly we will choose you a nice tea bush at Mandikori Estate. We will give it a proper trim to make it more pretty and productive and we will put a sign with your (or the person who will eventually get it) name on it. You will also receive a certificate with the coordinates of the tea bush. Besides that, you will get a Renegade Gift Set with 3 different teas from the current season and you will always have a nice reason to visit Georgia - to see how your tea bush is doing :)

"It's not our tea,
that we are selling to you,
it's your tea, that we are
growing for you"

You will receive a personal tea bush and the Renegade Gift Set with 3 teas from the current season.


Take a tour at Mandikori Estate

The Renegade Community brings together people from around the globe.

In addition to the personal tea bush owners, the Renegade community has also 169 people who have their very own tea gardens. During the years we have expanded our Renegade Community by allocating 151 tea plots in one of our plantations - Rioni Estate. Today we have 169 tea farmers from around the globe who have a part of the Renegade Community Garden. Read more about the Renegade Community Garden HERE.

151 personal tea gardens with owners from 21 different countries.

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